chapter  11
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Securing the coastal Sámi culture and livelihood

ByØyvind Ravna, Kristoffer Svendsen

This chapter deals with the legal protection of the substantive culture and livelihood of the coastal Sami. It elaborates on the current legal situation, examining national and international laws protecting indigenous peoples in general and the Sami in particular. The chapter analyses the legal protection of the coastal Sámi with respect to the impacts of the oil industry, particularly oil spills. Here the approach will be the law on compensation of damages, rather than the threshold for interventions contradicting international law. Both Sami and local fishermen's organisations in Finnmark largely approved the Coastal Fishing Committee's (CFC) draft for a Finnmark Fishing Act. The position taken by ocean trawlers and the central fishermen's association, however, was that the draft challenged their access to marine resources allocated to them under the government-approved quota system. As the rights of the indigenous Sami have come under increased scrutiny, the situation of the coastal Sami has been investigated by the Sami Rights Committee and CFC.