chapter  4
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Crafting a Leadership and Management Development Strategy II

ByTim Spackman

This chapter discusses some of the tools that are useful when setting out to learn from experience. Just as chisels and planes can be used when making a very wide variety of objects, so the elements discussed above come into play when looking at a wide variety of experiences. A major difference between pedagogic and informal learning concerns the matter of choices. It looks at some of the underpinnings of elements, to exam the key characteristics, and suggests ways in which individuals can harness them in order to derive the greatest benefit the greatest learning from their own experiences. Expectations occupy the first place in the infrastructure of reflection for paradoxical reason that it is failure that usually initiates the sense-making, and thus the learning, that comes from experience. Before leaving emotions as one of the prompting elements for experiential learning, it is worth noting that emotions cover positive feelings as well as the negative ones described in Linda's experience.