chapter  6
18 Pages

Strategies for Leadership and Executive Development

ByMurray M. Dalziel

This chapter offers an introduction to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and its relevance for managers and leaders. NLP is a practice that is used widely in management and leadership development. The title NLP reflects the principles that a person is a whole mind body system, with consistent, patterned connections between neurological processes, language and learned behavioural strategies. The Structure of Magic introduced the core language model of NLP, called the meta-model, which remains central to the field. NLPs insights into the structure and operations of peoples internal imagery are also highly significant in its approach to people development. Calibration refers to observation of someone's state and their non-verbal behaviour. NLP can explore how human skills are constructed through sequences of representations. It can also identify the difference between the sequences used in excellent performance of that skill, and those used in less effective performance.