chapter  12
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Measuring and Assessing Managers and Leaders for Development

ByDevelopment Jeff Gold, Paul Iles

This chapter explores the origin and development of e-learning as well as the meaning of the term. The specific challenge for e-learning is how to harness the use of technology for developing skills in what is essentially a social process commonly involving face-to-face interaction between two or more individuals. Distance learning has a history of being used for both purposes and in both contexts for leadership and management development practice. The rise in use of e-learning in this context is also associated with government policy in the UK at least since they provide the majority of funds for education. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have done a lot of work on this and their website has a number of free publications on their research. Use of e-learning can enable a greater degree of variety and flexibility and so can also enable and support a greater degree of individualisation as well as the arguable benefit of greater standardisation.