chapter  15
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Choosing and Using Exceptional Events for Informal Learning

ByLloyd Davies

This chapter explores the idea of global leadership and the development of global leaders. Global leadership development can be focused on people who go out from the company main base to various regions in the world, can be from focused on nationalities from across the globe playing on the world stage. Whilst engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects as building schools in developing countries is undoubtedly educational and mind-opening, it is not the same as bringing issues of direct business relevance and strategic decision-making into play during development activity. Such a simplistic approach reignites some of the criticisms surrounding leadership theories that focus on traits, behaviour and competencies. Organizations have a greater ability to take a transnational approach to social responsibility than government. Moral, ethical and authentic leadership are developing areas in the field of leadership despite the focus of the global leadership literature being principally on the skills and competencies said to be crucial to global leadership.