chapter  21
18 Pages

Intuitive Intelligence

ByEugene Sadler-Smith, Erella Shefy

In the 468 pages of the previous edition of the Gower Handbook published in 1994 there were, to the best of our knowledge, three references to intuition. The first of these was an exhortation to ‘trust your intuition in decision-making’ in a discussion of ‘cultural pitfalls’ in international alliances. The remaining two references were in the chapter on ‘Developing women managers’ and the potential value associated with the emergence of the ‘female value’ of intuition as a counterbalance to the prevalence of male values in organisations. Much has happened in the intervening 15 years in the study of intuition both in management and in the underpinning discipline of psychology. We will begin from the historical perspective in order to chart the emergence of intuition as an important aspect not only of management practice itself but, more latterly, of management development also.