chapter  7
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Interprofessionalism and Collaborative Self- regulation in the Health Professions: two Variations on an Emerging Canadian Theme

Interprofessional collaboration among regulated health care professionals has received significant attention in Canadian health policy literature (Barrett 2005, Bosco 2005, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation 2006, Côté et al. 2008, Health Council of Canada 2009). This reflects widespread confidence that interprofessional collaborative care, or team-based care, will contribute to a wide range of interrelated and escalating benefits for patients, providers and the broader health care system. Notwithstanding the doubts of some (Cameron 2011, Greenfield et al. 2011), these benefits are thought to include expanded access (and choice of access) to necessary services; enhanced clinical quality and safety; reduced burdens on the members of some professions and expanded opportunities for the members of others; and a health care system that becomes more responsive to patient needs while simultaneously becoming more sustainable by making better, fuller and more flexible use of the competencies of all providers.