chapter  10
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Reconstructing Historical Gardens: Negotiations and Debates – The Larvik Case

ByLars Jacob Hvinden-Haug

In terms of garden history, transforming a rather nondescript area into one of historic significance through a conscious act of cultural revival probably stands out more than most other forms of ‘heritagisation’ (Harvey 2001; Bessière 2013). An unkempt patch, a sundry field or a thicket can become a historical monument by working the ground and planting according to a reading of the historic circumstances of the place. This chapter takes the reconstruction of the former garden of the so-called count’s residence in the town of Larvik in the county of Vestfold as an illustrative example. The project, if it goes ahead, will mean that several school buildings from the early 1900s will have to be pulled down, buildings that are worthy of conservation in their own right. The chapter explores the background to garden restoration before presenting the case and the issues it raises for the local community.