chapter  4
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Neoliberal Landscapes of Migration in Ireland: The Space, Management and Experiences of Asylum Seekers

This chapter examines the relationship of globalisation and women's reproductive health in light of a case study in Ireland during the first decade of the 21st century. It explores how consumer based notions of 'choice' have influenced reproductive rights in Ireland within the context of globalisation during the period known as the Celtic Tiger. Social relations in a globalised world are commonly discussed in terms of neo-liberal ideology such as privatisation of public services and deregulation. The chapter discusses how notions of reproductive choice informed by global capitalism impact reproductive health non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and influence the reproductive health experiences of their constituents: in this case asylum-seeking women living in Ireland. Both asylum-seeking women living in Ireland and the reproductive health NGOs who work with them, such as the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), must traverse various borders in the complex and shifting landscape of the journey to realise reproductive rights.