chapter  11
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Movement, Consumption and Choice in Neoliberal Reproductive Health Discourses: An Irish Case Study

Globalisation is an integral part of everyday life for diverse societies across the globe. The effects of globalisation reach into the social, political and economic facets of our existence. Popular and mainstream discourse on the effects of globalisation tend to center on the economic factors such as the global economy itself, the structure of markets and the movement of goods, services, capital, technology and sometimes people (Pearson, 2000).Occasionally, it focuses on the choices people make in regard to their health. Similarly, in the realm of feminist studies, literature on gender and globalisation has been extensive, targeting, for the most part, women’s labor migration or women and development. However, scholarly inquiry into the influence of globalisation on women’s reproductive health experiences remains to be sufficiently explored. This chapter examines the relationship of globalisation and women’s reproductive health in light of a case study in Ireland during the first decade of the 21st century.