chapter  10
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Creativity in the Classroom: The Poetics of Pedagogy and Therapeutic Shock in Teaching Sociology 1

ByAnders Petersen, Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Rasmus Antoft

This chapter examines how the manner in which we teach and present our sociological knowledge and research in itself offers poetic potential. It also examines several of these more creative forms of communication and sources of poetic inspiration, from which, in our view, sociological teaching and pedagogy can benefit. The chapter demonstrates that the imparting of sociological knowledge can (and should) take advantage of a number of sources of inspiration and a wide range of diverse pedagogical tools which, in their separate ways, can help to identify and communicate information about social reality and human life to a wide audience. It likes to invite and encourage other sociologists to take the risk - or perhaps rather seize the opportunity - to cross the boundaries of conventional forms of teaching and learning, and to explore and experiment with new pathways in a more creative sociological practice.