chapter  4
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Reading and Writing the Experimental Text 1

ByNorman K. Denzin

This chapter creates a space for reading and writing the new literary work in the social sciences. This space is required if the promises of the new experimental work are to be realized. The classic realist ethnographic text is now under attack. Global and local legal processes have erased the personal and institutional distances between researchers and those he or she writes about. The chapter starts with guidelines for reading and writing the new work, the new interpretive formats, or CAP - Creative Analytic Practices - as Laurel Richardson and Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre. It takes up criticisms of the literary-narrative turn from within one branch of qualitative inquiry, qualitative health research. The chapter discusses tenure and the politics of publishing, including citation analyses. It concludes with a discussion of creating a safe apace for the new writing. The traditionalists reject the criteria of evaluation used by the new writers, seeing them as assaults on the pursuit of truth.