chapter  8
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Theatricalized Reality and Novels of Truth: Respecting Tradition and Promoting Imagination in Social Research

ByArpad Szakolczai

Today, however, people indeed first of all need innovation and imagination because there are problems with the conventional methods of the social sciences, and even more with the very nature of the 'reality' in which they are living. The central assumption of positivism is that social reality is 'objective' to the observer, who can thus proceed to investigate this body of facts. The idea that reality consists of a huge number of layers that were formed during an immense amount of time is argued most forcibly by geology, a science that had an immense influence on Darwin being a major source of inspiration for the theory of evolution. Hamvas defines the process leading to tiiis unreal reality as elregenvesedes, which can be translated as 'fictionalization' or novelization', but in French could be called romancisation. A central aspect of the social reality that led Bateson coining the term schismogenesis were the highly violent and mocking, non-participatory thus theatrical naven rituals.