chapter  10
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Critical Reflections on an Aboriginal Approach to Helping

ByMichael Anthony Hart

The mino-pimatisiwin – pronounced mino pi maa ti si win – Aboriginal approach to helping was initially developed in 1997 as part of my Master’s thesis (Hart 1997). It was first published in 1999 in The Native Social Work Journal: Nishnaabe Kinoomaadwin Naamaadwin and later as a chapter in an introductory social work text by Tuula Heinonen and Len Spearman (2001) entitled Problem Solving and Beyond. More recently, I wrote the most thorough outline of the approach as the basis of a book entitled Seeking Mino-pimatisiwin: An Aboriginal Approach to Helping (Hart 2002). The approach has changed little throughout this period. While I welcomed critical feedback and read reviews, I only received positive commentary that provided no suggested considerations to develop the approach further. As such, I have spent a significant amount of time reflecting on this approach on my own.