chapter  5
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Transport and Logistics Hubs: Separating Fact from Fiction

ByElisabeth Gouvernal, Valérie Lavaud-Letilleul, Brian Slack

This chapter aids efforts to improve coordination among actors in port communities. It examines aspects of the relationships among the actors in port communities in general but uses as its case study the community of Greater Vancouver where Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) operates. The chapter focuses on the record of the corporation of the Vancouver port, but the acronym PMV is used to refer to the organisation in spite of name changes over the years and the amalgamation in 2008. It also focuses on the challenges of achieving better coordination among the port's actors, the port's traffic growth attests to the success that has been realized in serving trade. The chapter reviews the features of ports which pose many challenges to the achievement of high levels of coordination among the various actors. It also reviews the history of initiatives to improve coordination among the actors in the port community of Greater Vancouver.