chapter  6
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Port, Corridor, Gateway and Chain: Exploring the Geography of Advanced Maritime Producer Services

In December 2008, the African Development Bank (AfDB) announced that its discussions with the Libyan authority surrounding the African integration process were advancing well. In preparation for the case study analysis, a literature review was conducted to provide a clear understanding of what is meant by integrating transportation and corridors into international value networks and how this can be achieved. This chapter reviews the principal trading activities of Niger and Chad based on reports by United Nation's agencies and annual reports of the main industrial transnational companies active in the region. The integration of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) corridors into international value networks is clearly one of the major challenges facing these economies. The growing interest of global carriers, global terminal operators could encourage the further integration in international value chains. The chapter has demonstrated that a Libyan corridor through Misurata to major Niger and Chad destinations, although potentially valuable and competitive, is not now viable.