chapter  4
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Carriers’ Role in Opening Gateways: Experiences from Major Port Regions

Traditional ways of assessing port performance often remain valid, but some measures need to be designed and adapted to take account of the current role of ports as logistics centres. One of the main strategies which is of particular interest is the integration of ports into the supply chain through activities such as value-added service provision, cooperation with other supply chain members and intermodal service intensification. This chapter presents relevant aspects of port evolution from the existing literature and from ongoing current research. However, several authors have argued that port performance studies have traditionally focused on the internal aspects of port operations. Ports are no longer places where cargo is just stored and they now act as focal points in supply chains where economies of aggregation offer opportunities for value addition or tailoring of services to suit particular customers' needs. Many ports have adapted and developed to allow the supply chains within which they operate to stay competitive.