chapter  7
The Impact of Organisational Culture on Public Sector Records Management Reform
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The pioneering work by Thurston and UCL students in the Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone beginning in the early 1990s no doubt provided the impetus for what has been achieved today in records management in many parts of Africa. In Africa, although governments are slowly beginning to appreciate the significant role played by records management in support of public administration and management, many are yet to put in place the requisite infrastructure of policies, standards, systems and resources to effectively manage records as strategic and vital resources. The Ministry of Public Service, which has responsibility for records and archives management, had not had a significant impact as far as the setting of policies, procedures and standards were concerned. Computerisation in Africa has largely focused on five key areas that are significant to government-citizen interaction: public financial management; human resource management; legal and judicial management; land management and hospital management.