chapter  14
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The Private and Public Sessions of the Accademia dei Ricovrati: Orality, Writing, and Print in Seventeenth-Century Padua *

The history of the early modern Italian academies raises many questions about oral culture in relation to manuscript and print, and about the role of interactions between these media in private and public life. Many of the activities were oral/aural in nature. They consisted of reciting and listening to discourses, poems, or music in closed or open sessions. This chapter discusses the relationship between the written and oral forms of the attioni of the Accademia. The record of the attioni was put together and archived by its secretaries; and the main activities of the Accademia, with particular reference to the aesthetics behind its choice of impresa. The balance between contemplative silence and active speech is important, as it is in the setting of the Accademia dei Ricovrati. The chapter concludes with the case of one Ricovrato, the moral philosopher and canonico Flavio Querenghi, whose use of oral and written forms of discourse is highly germane to theme.