chapter  3
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Wearing the Hijab: Some Reflections from a Muslim Woman’s Perspective

The conflict regarding whether women teachers and students should be allowed to wear a headscarf in the classroom, commonly known as the "headscarf-issue", is of European and worldwide interest. In Germany, whether students may wear a headscarf is not the most significant problem. However, whether or not teachers may wear a headscarf is a critical issue, highlighted in a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. It is obvious that the interrelationship between Islam, the state, and society are a current issue in the Federal Constitutional Court (EU) and in Germany. In Baden-Wurttemberg the wearing of a headscarf in schools and universities is allowed in principle on the basis of the free development of personality and religious expression. At the Saarland parliament, the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) and Social Democratic Party (SPD) spoke out jointly in favor of a headscarf ban in public schools. The governments of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, and Lower Saxony also wanted to modify their respective education acts.