chapter  Introduction
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Workplace diversity, Muslim minorities and reflexive HRM

Concepts, challenges and power implications in context
ByJasmin Mahadevan

This book departs from the notion that companies need to manage an increasingly diverse workforce. In many regions, such as Western Europe, the proportion of the immigrant population is projected to increase in size (CFR, 2014). Religious diversity is one facet of this trend (Gröschl and Bendl, 2015). For instance, Muslim immigrants and their descendants are the largest minority group in most Western European countries (Vaisse, 2008), and the share of the Muslim population is estimated to increase, both worldwide (The Pew Forum, 2011) and in specific regions of the world, such as the United States (Mohamed, 2016) or Australia (Hassan, 2015). Out of this development, the focus point of this introductory chapter – and of the overall book – emerges, namely the increasingly relevant question of how to manage workplace diversity involving Muslim minorities.