chapter  3
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The Muslim-makers

How Germany ‘Islamizes’ Turkish Immigrants 1
ByChristoph Ramm

The classic German attitude towards ‘the Turks’ is typically expressed in an article the magazine Der Spiegel published in 1973. Germany's leading magazine – traditionally regarded as one of the most influential centre-left publications – issued a dramatic warning: ‘The Turks are coming – run for it!’ ('Die Türken kommen – rette sich wer kann'):

Almost one million Turks live in the Federal Republic of Germany, and 1.2 million of them are waiting to enter the country. In the urban centres, already packed with foreigners, the crowds from the Bosporus are intensifying a crisis which has been smouldering for a long time. Cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt have extreme difficulties in coping with the invasion. Ghettoes are emerging there, and sociologists have already predicted the kind of urban decay, crime and impoverishment seen in Harlem.”

(Der Spiegel, 30 July 1973, pp. 24–34)