chapter  4
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What Are We Talking about when We Talk about “Geographies of Occupation”?

Roughly speaking, there are four spatial-geographical languages in the OPT: 1) that of classic modern geography, from geopolitics to rational planning; 2) that of the Israeli control system; 3) that of NGOs and human rights organizations; and 4) that of the Palestinian inhabitants. It is important to make clear that I do not talk about four different existing discourses-and my purpose is not to make an academic literature analysis, mapping who said what about the subject-but rather about different languages in the deep sense of “language.” One can think only through one’s own toolbox of words and logic. Language in this sense is a pair of glasses that designates the way in which one sees the world. Therefore, a spatial language is not only what a group of people say about the space in the Occupied Territories, but rather how they see it, analyze it and use it.