chapter  11
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Collectio Fontanensis: A Decretal Collection of the Twelh Century for an English Cistercian Abbey

Century for an English Cistercian Abbey Peter Landau


Pope Alexander III arrived in Venice on May 9, 1177 and stayed there until October 16, 1177-more than ve months.1 His main achievement during this period was his meeting with the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on July 24 to 25 and an ensuing peace treaty.2 One day aer this meeting he announced the results of the negotiations to the apostolic delegate Roger, Archbishop of York, and to Hugh, Bishop of Durham,3 a letter which constitutes our main source for these memorable events. Eleven days later he sent a similar letter to Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his suragans.4 On June 15 and August 2he wrote two further letters to Roger of York and Bishop-elect Georey of Lincoln which discussed an agreement between the two bishops and advised them to look for the payment of tithes by a British nunnery.5 Roger of York held a prominent place among Alexander’s correspondents in the year 1177; he had served as apostolic delegate since 1164.6 e pope, however, also wanted to

1 Cf. Philipp Jaé (ed.), Regesta Ponticum Romanorum (2 vols, Lipsiae, 1888), vol. 2, pp. 307-315.