chapter  2
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How aufarbeiten ‘Liquid Society’? Zygmunt Bauman’s Wager

ByAnton Schütz

This chapter explains the Bauman's concept of 'liquid modernity' a new perspective on the constitutional debate over the role of national identity in modern democracy. It has two parts. First, it discusses Bauman's concept of liquid modernity. Second, it argues that constitutional theorists such as Tully and Walker have sensed the effect of globalisation described in Bauman's analysis and have proposed new theoretical explanations of the role of identity in modern constitutional democracy. Recently, Bauman's concept of 'liquid modernity' has shed new light on the role of globalisation which help s us to understand the problematic relationship between constitutional democracy and national identity. In this section, Bauman's critical approach for a brief account of cosmopolitanism, communitarianism, and liberal nationalism. In the past few decades, these schools of thought have significantly influenced the ongoing debate over the role of identity in modern democracy. It is a danger unavoidable in Bauman's conceptualisation of liquid society.