chapter  1
36 Pages

Narrative Histories and Postcolonial Perspectives in Les Murray’s

ByFredy Neptune

This chapter focuses on the construction of post-epic masculinity in Autobiography of Red and explores the ways in which the projection of an abject masculinity also has implications for the construction of other postcolonial identities. It explores the links between Geryon's monstrous body and postcolonial identities, and point towards the ways in which his corporeal difference becomes a symbol of racial otherness. The chapter explores the reciprocal relationship between constructions of gender and constructions of race in a postcolonial context. It explores the ways in which Carson's text can be most convincingly situated in a postcolonial context - as a text which refutes any kind of coherent national or international specificity. Finally the chapter draws together the debates surrounding notions of the masculine and the postcolonial in Carson's work in order to reflect on the textual formation of Autobiography of Red.