chapter  7
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‘What about me?’ The Importance of Understanding the Perspective of Non–Managerial Employees in Research on Corporate Citizenship

In this chapter I discuss the need to conduct research on the corporate citizenship perspective of non-managerial employees. This group of stakeholders is rarely represented in the literature on corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility (CSR), yet comprises many of those who undertake the day-to-day implementation of corporate citizenship activities. I posit some possible reasons for a sole managerial focus in the CSR literature and then discuss why such a focus limits our understanding of corporate citizenship activities. Next, I detail an empirical study into the non-managerial experience of corporate volunteering and show how the findings enhance our understanding of a published CSR framework originally developed with reference to managers. In the final part of this chapter I discuss how further research from a non-managerial perspective could enrich our understanding of other areas of corporate citizenship and CSR.