chapter  4
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What are We Trying to Measure? Reviewing the Basics of Corruption Definition

Corruption is a corrosive crime. Corruption has haunted Hong Kong for decades until the Independent Commission against Corruption (Hong Kong ICAC) was established in 1974. It has determined to tackle this pervasive social ill by changing the tolerance of the public towards the crime. The support of the community has helped uphold Hong Kong's reputation as a clean cosmopolitan city. Public confidence in the Anti Corruption Office set up within the police service had fallen to low ebb. The fight against corruption story in Hong Kong is regarded in the global arena as a model of success. Hong Kong has been justly rewarded by tapping into the community for assistance through an extensive and comprehensive community liaison programme in the fight against corruption. Persistent education should continue in order to press home the relevance of the anti-corruption battle in the community.