chapter  9
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Corruption Indices for Russian Regions

ByElena A. Panifilova

Within the field of corruption studies much attention has been paid to variations of corruption across countries and regions. In fact many can trace the global increased interest in corruption to the attention getting the Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International. However if variations in cross country comparisons across regions such as the Baltics (175,000 sq. km and combined population of approximately 8 million) or the Caucasus (190.000 sq. km with population of 16 million) can cause major controversy what about of the variations in perceived levels of corruption within large federal States? The Russian Regional Corruption Index looked at a country of 89 federal regions with 145 million population spread across 17 million sq. km and 11 time zones and provides a step towards breaking the myth of Russia as a monolithic giant mired in universal and rampant corruption.