chapter  2
Membership Category Work in Policy Debate
ByWilliam Housley, Richard Fitzgerald
Pages 14

This chapter aims to investigate the machinery by which this purpose is realised within one text. In examining policy texts, in particular, one must consider the multiple aspects of textual deconstruction for analysis. A multi-layered analysis of one institutional text provides a basis for examining part of the public mechanism that Hong Kong instituted to promote the achievement of this movement. Further intertextual links can be made to teachers' reflective accounts in-situ after serving teachers had moved' in response to the Language Proficiency Requirement (LPR) policy and to the open letter the latter calling for teachers' compliance with the initiative to raise levels of language proficiency among teachers of English and Mandarin. The underlying premise of this level of analysis is that such a public text lives in reference to other policy-related documents. Foucault's notion of power as creative contrasts with the Marxian model of power as repressive and has interesting applications for this text.