chapter  8
Styling for Hegemony: The West as an Enemy (and the Ideal) in Belarusian Television News
Pages 24

The interest in media, policy and interaction in democratic societies may naturally draw analysts’ attention to highly interactive broadcast formats such as the debate, the news interview or the panel discussion, in which the public participates. However, when dealing with non-democratic settings where such interactive formats are marginal, attention to other formats or types of media discourse is pertinent in order to understand political issues and the role of the media in them. Accordingly, the aim of this chapter is to examine how political contestation and dialogue take place in the news discourse of Belarusian national television. The chapter centres on stylistic methods – particularly on the situated use of contrast, moral categorization devices and editing – for the discursive production of political accountability and responsibility for national and international relations in a nondemocratic society.