chapter  1
Media, Policy and Interaction: Introduction
ByRichard Fitzgerald, William Housley
Pages 12

This chapter aims to analyse the mechanisms specific to the birth, the swelling and the dying out of the particular public phenomenon of the scandal, as it can be observed within an Egyptian environment. It examines how, together with the media, the Egyptian People's Assembly, the lower chamber of the Egyptian Parliament, can also be part of the broader dialogical network of a scandal, in this case ignited by a minister's statement, in what has been called the Frq Husn case. This affair has its starting point with the statement the Egyptian Minister of Culture Frq Husn made to the al-Misr al-Yawm newspaper on 16 November 2006, in which he presented the headscarf as a sign of the regression of Egyptian society. Al-Azhar is a historic mosque in Cairo and the main Islamic university institution in Egypt. Considering the explicit character of this affair, we find another confirmation that participating in politics means striving for the definition of norms.