chapter  7
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Moving Through Time and Culture with the Biodiversity Heritage Library

While the internal immigration of the 1960s came about during a period of economic progress, the more recent international migration has coincided with a severe economic crisis. During the exhibition, the museum education service offered guided tours and workshops based on analyses of questions intrinsic to the migration phenomenon, as well as on historical comparisons between internal migration of the post-war era and contemporary foreign immigration. The museum took up the challenge of talking about migration with the intention of not only reporting on the unease and inevitable difficulties but also relating the changes, often silent and hidden, slow and constant, of a Turin which is evolving along with the rest of the world. The Italian citizen is a citizen of a multicultural society, not only because of the importance of immigration, but also, and especially, because the deeds, history and constitutional structure on which this society is based are characterised by features of liberty, secularism and pluralism.