chapter  8
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La Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration: A Central Venue and National Network – An Ongoing Challenge

This chapter explores migration and cultural diversity in collections because this was the focus of their most recent project. In discussions with German museum staff, it is often heard that there are no objects in the collections of their museums which relate to migration. First of all, cooperation with different local museums and other cultural, educational, or social institutions and organisations in the city of Berlin is envisaged. The collection work of urban history museums in a plural and diverse society should be guided by the principles of the inclusive museum and take place with the participation of the glocal community. For a long time, historical exhibitions in German museums omitted the history of migrants. It is a matter of exploring further starting-points analogous to the topographical starting-point chosen for the exhibition, which could provide guiding principles for the concept of collections which run counter to group categories.