chapter  12
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Turin – Earth: City and New Migrations – From Historical Reflection to Civil Consciousness in the Present Day

This chapter focuses on the exhibition and learning programme. Interfaith work has always been a key part of the museum's work; the project's focus on intercultural dialogue developed the skills. The project had not recruited the diversity of participants needed to achieve the aim of creating intercultural dialogue and increased understanding. The intercultural dialogue that was generated fed into audio interpretation of the object, which was thus able to include stories of listening to the radiogram in India, Nigeria and Iran. The figurative aspects of the object were used to begin to explore the barriers to intercultural dialogue that individuals can face. ESOL students from City of Glasgow College, for example, developed a student-led event that used objects to prompt intercultural dialogue between staff and students from different departments. The strength of some legacies cannot yet be measured. However, one clear piece of learning has been the even greater than expected potential of museum objects to create intercultural dialogue.