chapter  16
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Critical Objects: Museums, Refugees and Intercultural Dialogue

ByDomenico Sergi

This chapter analyses the proposal for a local museum, in a small Italian village, that has the ambition to become a pilot experience for confessional museums. It presents a case study of 'Officina multimediale di Papa Giovanni XXIII in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII', Bergamo, Italy, eventually inaugurated on 19 October 2013 with the name of 'Papa J23' museum. The project has been managed by the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), which inherited the birthplace of Pope John XXIII in Sotto il Monte. This situation is certainly inadequate as a museum experience; for the local community, the house is only a monument, a document of a famous fellow citizen. The new museum in Sotto il Monte should become the place for the development of the educational mission of PIME, based on peace, intercultural dialogue and legality, through the teachings of Pope John XXIII.