chapter  1
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‘Remapping Europe – A Remix’: A Case Study in International and Inter-institutional Collaboration and Networking

Europeana provides access to the digitised holdings of more than 2,300 museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections from 34 European countries. Europeana teams Europe's cultural and scientific heritage with technological innovation. Europeana's virtual exhibitions aim to inspire people to discover aspects of cultural heritage and to explore more by they, and hopefully to convince people that there is more they want to discover in the digital collections. In this digital age, where people create and share digital content so easily, heritage organisations and their curators can develop new relations with their audiences. Digital access to cultural heritage is still a new area, being explored both by user and professional, by public sector organisations and by commercial interests. In particular, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), which will provide access to digital collections from libraries, museums, and archives in the United States, is designing its technical structure to promote inter-operability with Europeana.