chapter  2
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Translating Objects, Transnationalising Collections: Inventing Europe between Museums and Researchers

This chapter explores how the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) moves through time in various contexts. It provides an overview of how BHL aims to unite the world's biodiversity library collections which are held in many institutions yet required by users of all kinds across the globe. The partnership between Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and BHL is important and of benefit to users of both. BHL has expanded globally with contributions from institutions and colleagues working in every region of the world and users accessing and participating in BHL working in every time zone. The global extent of BHL collaboration and its growing user base means that, except on holidays and high days, there will be someone contributing to or using BHL 24 hours a day. Another way BHL contextualises its data is by selecting themes, identifying relevant items and putting them together into topical collections.