chapter  17
Approaches to the Social and Spatial Agency of Labour
ByAnn Cecilie Bergene, Sylvi B. Endresen, Hege Merete Knutsen
Pages 14

The aim of this particular chapter is to insert the insights developed by the contributors to this volume in the on-going discussion of what issues Labour Geographers need to deal with. The book features theoretical discussions on agency, union renewal and the analytical merit of the concept of labour regimes. Furthermore, it raises some important questions related to space and spatial fixes, the challenges for unions in going global and for us in going north-south in our case studies. We will demonstrate how the different chapters build on the theoretical foundations of Labour Geography, formulate new theoretical positions and point to the need for new empirical and theoretical explorations. In the following discussion we will actively relate to the suggestions made by Castree (2007), Lier (2007), Coe and Jordhus-Lier (Chapter 3), and to the lacunas in Labour Geography identified by Herod (Chapter 2).