chapter  3
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“We Were Living in a Different Country”: Palestinian Nostalgia and the Future Past

Wadi Al-Saleeb, a neighborhood of stone houses whose windows are not opened. They were closed fifty years ago and have never been opened since then. It is one of the last pieces of circumstantial evidence left of the crime. Beit Al-Karma is a Jewish Arab center that caters to matters of coexistence and reconciliation and announces the 'coming of the spring'. The building is situated at the intersection of Zionism Street with Hagefen Street. The public sphere of Haifa turns the Palestinians into Christians and Muslims, and at the same time turns the Russians, Ethiopians, the Polish and Sephardic etc. Into one Jew; a game of identity shaping. Conversely, the absence of center is prominent among the Palestinians in Israel. Al-Musherfeh is a village in the Triangle district. It is inhabited by hundreds of families. Recently, the Ministry of Interior has decided to set up a regional Local Council that combines Al-Musherfeh with three other villages in the region.