chapter  7
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Gate Assignment

Ticket distribution channels are the media through which air carriers share travel information, including available itineraries and prices, to their prospective customers. Generally, the ticket distribution channels are classified into direct and indirect. It was found that travel agents tend to book their clients from the computer screen of information on the Computer Reservation Systems (CRS). The impact of ticket distribution on the airline RM of the airlines is given by, who study the relationship between Revenue Management (RM) and e-commerce; and, who addresses the impact of the changes in ticket distribution on pricing and RM models. This chapter concludes that it is beneficial for an airline to target distribution channels with high market penetration even if the level of competition within this channel is high. The model examines the trade-offs between two types of ticket distribution channels: distribution channels with high market penetration and high competition among subscribed airlines, distribution channels with low market penetration and low airlines competition.