chapter  2
Modelling Command and Control
ByRob Houghton, Paul S. Salmon, Guy H. Walker
Pages 42

In order to situate the generic process model within its wider research context a review of the command and control literature has been conducted. Of particular concern to this review are the questions of what would define a useful ‘model’ of command and control. The literature provided several approaches to the challenge of modelling command and control, and the review addressed a number of broad questions, including:

Model metrics: How are aspects of command and control measured or expressed either quantitatively or qualitatively?

Measures of modelling outcome: How does the model define good or bad command and control system performance?

Degrees of model reconfigurability: Is the model tied to a particular type of activity or situation? Is it flexible enough to be reconfigured for use across a wide range of settings and contexts?

Construct validity and reliability: Is the theoretical basis of the model sound?

Extent, nature and degree of dependency upon constraints and assumptions: Are the assumptions the model is based on reasonable? Are the formal constraints within which the model falls appropriate or are they overly restrictive or too poorly specified?