chapter  3
Event Analysis of Systemic Team-work
ByDan Jenkins, Paul S. Salmon, Guy H. Walker
Pages 70

The event analysis of systemic team-work (EAST) methodology (Baber and Stanton, 2004; Stanton et al., 2005) was developed as part of the HFI DTC work programme, and uses a combination of HF methods to form a framework for analysing command, control, communication, computers and intelligence (C4i) activity. With a view to the development of a generic model of C4i, EAST has been applied to a number of diverse C4i scenarios, across a number of different domains. The domains and scenarios in which EAST has been used to analyse C4i activity are presented in Table 3.1. EAST analyses




Combat estimate

Battle Group Headquarters

Seven questions

Air Traffic Control




Shift handover

Energy Distribution

Barking switching operations

Feckenham switching operations

Tottenham return to service operations

Alarm handling operations

Fire Service

Chemical incident at remote farmhouse

Road traffic accident involving chemical tanker

Factory fire exercise #1

Factory fire exercise #2

Military Aviation E3D

General operation

Navy HMS Dryad

Air threat

Surface threat

Sub-surface threat


Car break-in caught on CCTV

Suspected car break-in

Mobile phone robbery

Rail (Signalling)

Detachment scenario

Emergency Possession scenario

Handback a Possession scenario

Possession scenario