chapter  7
Development of a Generic Process Model of Command and Control
ByRob Houghton, Dan Jenkins, Richard McMaster, Paul S. Salmon, Rebecca Stewart, Guy H. Walker, Mark Young
Pages 17

The bases for the development of the generic model are field studies conducted in three domains. These were the emergency services (Police and Fire Service – McMaster, Baber and Houghton, 2005; Houghton, Baber and McMaster et al., 2006), civilian services (National Grid, National Air Traffic Services, and Network Rail – Walker et al., 2006b) and armed services (Air Force E3D, Navy type 23 frigate and Army CAST brigade level exercise). The latter studies conducted in the armed services are presented in Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of this book. It is the cumulative understanding of command and control, developed through a variety of domains, which led to the development of a generic model.