chapter  11
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Amazon Quarterly: Pre-Zine Print Culture and the Politics of Separatism

ByTirza True Latimer

The magazine’s mission statement and table of contents reflected the preoccupations of the Lesbian Nation’s constituents-women who converged on the Bay Area, Women’s Lands to the north, and other promising territories to write poetry, to make art and music, to break into the trades and other traditionally male métiers, to escape their biological families or husbands, to achieve autonomy, to find soul mates, to make love with women, to build houses, to create intentional communities, to re-imagine the world. “Freed from male identification, lesbians are obviously in a very good position to be the ones to cross [freedom’s] frontier,” the first paragraph of Amazon’s inaugural issue declares.3 The journal’s utopian

1 Jill Johnston, Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973).