chapter  1
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An Introduction to Museums and Public Value

ByCarol A. Scott

Many museums are able to identify their undoubted strengths in offering public value. However, very few deliberately plan for capability and capacity around the delivery and impact of these value propositions. Instead, they falter around the need for a holistic and bringing together of the intellectual, financial and managerial. You can have all the principles absolutely right but a lack of recognition around capacity building and a plan for appropriate resource deployment too often leaves the strategic plan sitting on the shelf. So, planning for public impact is not just an exercise or an event, it is as much about taking your institution on a journey. A journey that will create a thinking organization does. All stakeholder comments and submissions across the consultation phases were assessed in order to assist the internal Vision Team in refining the proposed vision and programmes and to identify the aspects of the vision and programmes which required a response or clarification.