chapter  3
Voicing Risk
Migration, Transgression and Relocation in Spanish/Moroccan Raï 1
ByParvati Nair
Pages 16

In recent years, risk as a defining feature of modernity has been the subject of considerable theoretical exploration. This chapter will therefore seek to examine the first ra CD released in Spain, Chab Samir by the group of the same name. Samir El Quichiri, who migrated to Barcelona from northern Morocco in 1992, is the lead singer and songwriter of the mixed CatalanMoroccan group Chab Samir. His music aims to provide a forum for the articulation of immigrant experiences of displacement, underlining in particular the struggle to relocate in Spain, both in legal and cultural terms. Becks development of the concept of risk society bases itself largely on his perception of late modernity as typified by reflexivity or a pervasive tendency towards cultural self-consciousness. Here Samir stressed his chosen role of voicing immigrant's political concerns that were seldom heard in commonly circulating discourses.