chapter  4
Banda, a New Sound from the Barrios of Los Angeles
Transmigration and Transcultural Production
ByHelena Simonett
Pages 12

This chapter analyses the banda phenomenon of the 1990s in Los Angeles, establishing its importance as a living and dynamic transnational music, while discussing the role of place, roots and memory in contemporary culture. Accelerating processes of globalization, including mass mediatization and transmigration, encourage us to rethink our cultural concepts. The new sound that emerged from the burgeoning Mexican neighbourhoods of Los Angeles was called technobanda. Technobanda's accelerated tempo and powerful amplification enabled dancers literally to feel the music. The nightclub scene drew more and more young people of Mexican heritage, most of who had grown up in the United States. In 1993 the Los Angeles Times proclaimed boldly the hottest sound in LA is banda, a Mexican music with German roots has caught on big with young Latinos. While most traditional anthropological studies tended to favour representations of contained people, places and identities, many recent studies concentrate on highly diverse social groups in multicultural settings.