chapter  2
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From the universal and timeless to the here and now: Rethinking music studies


A portmanteau word is a fusion of two distinct words, where two meanings are packed up as one; it maintains the original meanings, whilst creating a new meaning. Frumious positions oppositional ideas against each other as stylistic juxtapositions, borrowing structural techniques from musique concrète, Ives and Zorn, to experiment with a mosaic, non-linear design. These juxtapositions collide horizontally and vertically, appearing as either successive or superimposed sound-blocks, organised as portmanteaus. The author see the combative nature of Frumious as being intrinsically linked with rhythmic energy, where stylistic juxtapositions are driven and defined by a series of rhythmic dichotomies that contribute to the portmanteau effect. The phenomenon of groove is an implicit part of all music and yet difficult to define. It plays an important role in Frumious, arising from the repeated use of syncopated rhythms. The rhythmic and sonority juxtapositions of Frumious are regulated by a series of carefully designed structural juxtapositions.