chapter  5
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Intra-active soundings: Becoming-woman, becoming-minor


This chapter proposes some Deleuzian ontological pathways that illuminate both the vexations of music's ontology and the particular issues that arise in informal debates. Hainge's chapter addresses music's ontology from the Deleuzian perspective of its sonic materiality within a relational ontology that ascribes agency to musical sound. The materialist perspective of Hainge's ontology of music resonates with recent scholarship in what has been called speculative realism and the new materialism, all of which are flowerings of Deleuzian ontologies. Deleuze's philosophy focuses on thinking as a way of grappling with the world, which he understands not as pre-existent order but rather as a chaotic potential for all orderings in the world. The ontological focus on becoming in Deleuzian philosophy has ramifications for approaching music. Hainge's relational ontology approaches the formal questions of musical ontology, recognising the complex interactions of production and reception.